Multi-Principle Facilities

Shared warehouse structures for
small scale warehousing solutions

Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated structures for large
scale warehousing solutions

Bonded Solutions

Registered bond stores integrated,
with the Clearing and Forwarding
division of Value Logistics

Food Grade Products

Storage of raw and finished
food products

Cold Storage

Reefer container and cold room
storage with temperature
monitoring capabilities

Storage of Medical

Licensed in line with SAHPRA
requirements for the safe and
correct storage of medical
device products

Dangerous Goods and
Hazardous Chemicals

Storage of chemicals and dangerous
goods within the Freightpak
division of Value Logistics

Pallet and Bulk

Pallet and fine pick
and pack expertise

Stock Management

FEFO / FIFO management
Batch management
Real time data processing

IT Capabilities

Full EDI integration capabilities
WMS managed operations
Scanner driven operations

Dynamic Storage

Scalable storage solutions to
meet our clients' needs

Value Added Services

Provision of agreed value added
services based on clients’
specific requirements